Lynn Sakellar-Gekas

Creating Southwest Imagery in Pencil and Ink Wash


Native American Journey Series”  & “Spirit Animal Series

“My art portrays the energy and purity of life in the American Southwest. I am intrigued by the Native Americans and strive to show sense of honor, compassion and respect. When I am sketching at their Powwows, I reflect on their spirit, passion and heart. I love to portray details that reach into their soul, the very essence of their spirit being. The hues and tints in my work are inspired by the stunning colors of the Arizona sunsets and how they interact with the day’s light as well as by the patterns of nature’s play with pigment and shadows. In my work, I seek to capture a moment in my mind where I feel I have reached an understanding of the subject’s actions and thoughts, and then transfer that essence to paper.”

Lynn was born in Tucson, Arizona.  During her childhood, she lived on a working cattle ranch outside of Tucson, behind Colossal Cave, Arizona.  She attended the University of Arizona, University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and Santa Barbara Art Institute on scholarship (Brooks Photography Institute). Art History/Studio Art major, studied bronze casting, glassblowing and free form clay sculptures. She is active in various art associations and has shown her works in fine galleries, festivals and craft fairs around Arizona.